Free Review of Disability Case

Tips on Getting a Free Review of a Disability Case

If you  feel that you are no longer able to work as a result of your medical problems and are considering starting your disability claim, then you may want to speak with one of our experienced Social Security Disability Attorneys.One of the most frequently asked questions we get is whether a claimant’s condition is severe enough to qualify him or her for benefits. Unfortunately, the answer is not that simple since no two cases are the same, thus we recommend getting a free review of your disability case from our firm.

Do You Qualify?

The initialstep in applying for for Social Security Disability or SSI case in Glendale or any other city,  is to determine whether or not you are eligible for the program in the first place. This means that you will need to prove that your condition is severe and chronic in nature. r. Unfortunately, most applicants have the common misconception that by filling out a few forms, their benefits will start arriving in a couple of months. Unfortunately, this is simply not true since the process is complicated and tedious as evidenced by the fact that 2 out of 3 cases are denied in the first stage. However, when you fill out our contact form, we will conduct a free review of your disability case and tell you whether or not we can help you win.

The Application ProcessAssuming that you submitted our contact form and, after conducting a Social Security Disability Free Evaluation your case, we believe that you have a good shot of winning your claim. So what’s next? Well, should you wish to retain us to professionally represent your case, the general course of action will look something like this:

  • Initial filing of your claim: We will take the preliminary steps and file your claim with the Social Security Administration. During the initial claim, we will work with your doctors and Social Security to assure that they have your latest medical records. Please bear in mind that you may be sent to one or more consultative examination(s). 
  • Reconsideration: Should you be turned down at the initial stage, we will ask for reconsideration. Reconsideration is a complete review of the claim by someone other than the person who made the original decision.
  • Hearing before the Administrative Law Judge: If you are denied at reconsideration, we will ask for a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) where we will represent you.
  • The Appeals Council: If your case is denied before the ALJ, we may appeal the case to the Appeals Council (a review board within the Social Security Administration), which may issue its own decision, send the case back to the ALJ for another hearing, or allow the ALJ's decision to stand.

Before starting your disability claim, or appealing a denied one, you may want to consult with one of our Social Security Disability Attorneys who will work tirelessly in representing your interests. Our Attorneys have decades of combined experience in representing clients before the Social Security Administration. Representing countless number of cases has allowed our firm to understand what is required to ultimately win. Our firm works on a contingency fee meaning we don't get paid until you win. So go ahead, give us a call or fill out the contact form for a free review of your disability case. Let us help you get the benefits you deserve.