Social Security Denials

About 70% of Newly Filed Disability Claims Will Result in Social Security Denials.

The inability to continue working usually leads many individuals to filing a Social Security Disability Application in Glendale or another city. However, simply filing an application without any type of advocacy from a Social Security Lawyer will often lead claims to Social Security Denials.

Specifically, the administration recently released an important study which substantiated the fact that close to seventy percent of newly filed claims end up being Social Security Denials. Most of these Social Security Denials are attributable to a poorly presented case which is often the result of filing a claim without the assistance of an attorney. Taken as a whole, the disability regulations and rules are very complex whereby only decision makers, judges, and experienced Social Security disability attorneys know how to navigate through them. Accordingly, in boosting their chances, most applicants rely on such specialized attorneys and firms to help them either newly apply or file a Social Security Appeal in the instance if they were recently denied.

But be advised, just because an individual is a lawyer does not necessarily mean they are qualified to handle a disability claim as specialized disability lawyers go through additional extensive training to learn the disability rules and regulations.

One of those firms employing highly experienced attorneys is Disability Claim Advocates, Inc. in Glendale. Our firm only engages in disability claims and have decades of combined expertise which can help boost your odds of winning. We can represent you in filing a brand new claim or, in the alternative, to appeal a denied one. They have conducted hundreds of hearings and know exactly what each judge looks for in deciding your claim. We can offer you a free case review which would let us know the odds of your claim. Lastly no fees will be collected until we are able to get you the benefits you deserve.

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