A Free Review of Disability Case in Glendale may be the first step to success.

Unfortunately, Social Security Disability laws and regulations are quite complex as shown by the fact that almost 67% of claims are denied when initially filed. Furthermore, once an applicant is Denied Social Security Disability benefits, next they only have sixty days to file for a Social Security Appeal in Burbank or their closest district office. However, before filing a new claim or appealing a denied one, an applicant should consider hiring an attorney who specializes in such claims as opposed to going at it alone.

Studies have shown that unrepresented individuals are more likely to be denied than those who are professionally represented. Furthermore, in a 2010 report from Social Security Administration, it opined that found that almost eighty percent of unrepresented applicants showed difficulties in adequately reading, comprehending or accurately completing forms.

Naturally, after listening to these facts, many applicants seek the assistance of a law firm to represent their interests. However, just any attorney will not do as many have discovered. Specifically, you must retain a Social Security Attorney in Glendale or another city which specifically limits his/her practice to such claims and can provide a Free Review of Disability case in Glendale. If you do not have such a candidate in mind, then we may be able to help you. Disability Claim Advocates, Inc. is one of the forefront law firms in Los Angeles who limit their practice to Social Security Disability cases. Our attorneys have successfully represented hundreds of claims throughout the Los Angeles area.

However, before considering your case, we will provide a Free Review of Disability case in Glendale which allows us to better consult you on your chances of success. In addition, our fee is contingent on a successful outcome thus a client does not pay if we are not able to win their claim.

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