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Social Security Disability Lawyer – 35 Years Experience

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About Aslan Disability Law


Over the last 15 years, our Attorneys have won more countless number of Social Security Disability claims for our clients in and around the Los Angeles area. Unlike some impersonal “national Social Security Attorneys” or so called “national firms”, our Attorneys concentrate on local Social Security Disability claims.  We know what evidence local judges require to approve your claim. As a result, we have a track record of winning majority of our cases. We represent claims starting at the Initial Application stage all the way to the Administrative Hearing and the Appeals Council.

Why You Should Hire Us to Represent You:

Statistically, claimants who are represented have a better chance of winning their claim. While we can’t guarantee that a claimant will be awarded Social Security Disability or SSI benefits, we can guarantee that a case will be properly developed.

So what does being property “developed” mean. Basically, most SSDI and SSI claimants do not know how to properly and thoroughly prepare a disability case, whereas we have a high level of familiarity and expertise with the Social Security rules and regulations. Couple that with the fact that our Attorneys and staff have countless years of invaluable SSDI and SSI claim experience to lend to a claimant’s disability case. Given your condition, we tend to know what an analyst or judge will be looking for with a particular medical condition, and will know how to proceed to maximize your chances of winning.

Bear in mind that we get paid only if you win (contingency fee) thus you can be sure that we will be next to you every step of the way as we share a common goal of winning your claim. This includes tracking down important medical records and test results, obtaining detailed statements from a claimant’s treating physicians, and, at the time of the hearing, applying a thorough understanding of SSA regulations and prior rulings to the disability adjudication process.

In closing, the Social Security Disability process is full of obstacles and can be overwhelming for the lay person, particularly when you claim is denied. Having the experience of our firm fighting for you can prove invaluable in getting you the benefits that you deserve.

If you are disabled and feel that you are entitled to benefits under Social Security Disability Insurance, please fill out the free, no obligation, case evaluation form below or call us and we will be more than happy to speak to you regarding your case.